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I host a FREE Health Webinar sharing health info you can use for life. The presentation discusses the factors that keep you fatigued and the fastest ways you can increase your energy for good while also losing weight naturally and keeping it off. I promote only sustainable lifestyles with long term health results. Learn more…

Also, you can get a free E-book called “Healthy, Delicious Energy Boosting Recipes.” I love sharing food and nutrition info in my FREE webinar because it helps people to improve their overall health.

My Created Health Program, the Vitality Cleanse

My online health program, the Vitality Cleanse, is an educational platform where I provide customers my created resources in the form of videos, handbooks, and step by step directions in order to equip them with foundational knowledge to create a personalized lifestyle for long-term and sustainable health success.

Vitality means energy and strength and I help people restore their energy and strength, improve their metabolism, strengthen their immune system, while losing weight naturally and gradually so they can function at optimal levels to enjoy a long and fulfilling life. My goal is to continually teach strategies promoting long-term and sustainable health.

This program teaches you how to use delicious foods as fuel for your best body. Learn more about the benefits of the Vitality Cleanse.

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Get FREE Shawarma Salad Recipe

I made this recipe at a health event and everyone who sampled the salad loved it. So I figured I’d share this recipe for free. Simply fill out the form below and I’ll send you the recipe within 24 hours.

If you would like to receive a FREE 20 minute consultation to see if I’m the right fit to help you with your health concerns please fill out form below:

About Me

My journey took me from working in a corporate environment that was soul crushing to quitting my job and starting my career all over again with the motivation to do something that was more meaningful. I love helping people with the food and nutrition knowledge I’ve acquired over the years. Even though it’s challenging, all the sacrifices I’ve made are worth it because I love seeing healthful changes in the people that I’m creating positive and supporting relationships with.

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Brandon Drake
Functional Nutrition Coach & Therapeutic Chef